August Fitness Challenge

I’m excited to announce the August Fitness Challenge!

Project Neon August Fitness Challenge!


This month tag your running and walking photos on social with #projectneonaugust for a chance to win some running essentials, including anti-chaffing stick, foam roller, and an Oakley Women’s Visor. Let’s all kick our cardio into full gear and finish out the summer strong! Get out and run (or walk!) :)



Weekday Wardrobe

Things are getting crazy around here with Ironman Canada this weekend. I leave for Whistler tomorrow! Will try to post while I’m up there. :)

Here’s what I wore last week:

Monday (1)

Dress – Myan – from Francesca’s // Shoes – Toms // Earrings – Francesca’s // Bracelet – Zad


Top – Sanctuary (from Stitchfix) // Pants – Margaret M (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Toms // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Dress – Miami (from Francesca’s) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – Joe’s Jeans // Top – 41Hawthorn (from Stitchfix) // Sandals – Target // Bracelet – Cindy Vega Jewelry // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – American Eagle // Top – Collective Concepts (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Claire’s

Quotes of the Week

I’m going to start a new blog series called, “Quotes of the Week” – because honestly, I have LOVED quotes since I was a little girl. I’m a dreamer. A lover. A believer. And there is something so amazing about quotes. They make us feel. They help us relate. They make us feel like we aren’t alone. They inspire. They motivate. They are simply beautiful. And sometimes they make us laugh.

The theme this week is sometimes you love somebody, but you have to let them go, and if they come back to you, then you’ll know it was meant to be, because we all deserve to be loved like crazy; For someone to think you are the most amazing person in the world. You deserve someone who respects you, is honest with you, and thinks the world of you. Who wants to show you off to everyone because they feel so lucky to have you in their life. Who wants to be your best friend, and your lover. Who can tell you how they feel even if they know it’s not what you want to hear. You DESERVE the WORLD. Because honestly, I know you want to give your whole heart to someone. You want to give and you want to feel safe, and have that feeling reciprocated. You don’t want to be scared. Love comes down to trust. Trust that that person is going to be there. Trust that they love you, believe in you, support you, and are honest with you. Life shouldn’t be mediocre, most of all love. It’s hard to let go, but I promise, I promise, that if it’s meant to be it will fall into place eventually. Don’t hold on to something, if you don’t feel like you are getting what you deserve.

So here are my favorite quotes from this week -








Friday Faves

Here are my favorites this week!

1. These bicycle coasters



2. LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil

This stuff is amazing! I can’t get enough. It’s so fun to brighten up your lips with a totally fun color!

lip lube

3. This baby husky – Ugh! I can’t wait to have a puppy of my own! #unconditionallove

baby husky


4. Quote of the Week – blog post to come on honesty shortly after.

quote of the week


5. This hairstyle – I’m going to have to buy a black ribbon!



Happy Friday! xoxo!


This Week’s Outdoor Adventures

This week I got to spend a lot of time outside because it was sunny and HOT! I was trying to even eat my lunch outside in order to soak up the sun! I know that our days are getting shorter, and before we know it, I’m going to be leaving work when it’s already dark. Boo. So, that’s why I wanted to make July’s Challenge to get outside every day for at least 30min!


I went for a walk outside during work. :)



I went for a run around the lake that is close to where I work.


The beautiful palm trees that I saw on my walk to the grocery store for lunch.


Lunch outside on the patio. Fish tacos make me happy!



Riding my bike along the ocean waterfront.



An ocean splash post run with my friend Jené!



AND a day outside at Legoland!



How did you spend your days outdoors?

Share on Instagram or Twitter using #projectneonjuly :)




Weekday Wardrobe

This week was a crazy busy week! I was trying to do everything, which is never feasibly possible. My life will slow down or at least there will be time for more blogging in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to start doing it more frequently again!

I also really like my feet to be comfortable, so I either wear sandals, or cute sneakers, and then when I wear anything with height, I love a good wedge, or I invest in really nice heals. But for me, I always have a strap. I can’t walk very well in “typical” high heels, plus they aren’t really my style. So, here’s what I wore:



Urban Outfitters Tank // Joe’s Jeans // Sandals from Target // Earrings from Claire’s


Dress came in my first ever StitchFix box back in February // Michael Kors shoes // Zad bracelet // Claire’s earrings


Earrings from Claire’s // Top from Urban Outfitters // Jeans from Urban Outfitters // Bracelets from Cindy Vega Jewelry // Shoes from Vans


Earrings from Claire’s // Dress from Urban Outfitters // Shoes from Michael Kors


Earrings from Banana Republic // Top from one of my StitchFix boxes // Joe’s Jeans // Tom’s Wedges

Question: Are you one of those people that when you find a brand you like you stick with it? Or do you tend to shop a lot of different places?

My Outdoor Ventures

This past week’s outdoor ventures for the Project Neon July Fitness Challenge were:

I went for a walk around my neighborhood, and saw these beautiful flowers blooming. Flowers just make me so happy, I can’t explain it. #cheeseballalert

Outside 1


I went for a run around Lake Miramar. It’s a 5 mile loop and is absolutely gorgeous. I can run to the loop from work, so it ends up being 7 miles. It’s heavenly.




I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house. He had just re-done his back patio, so we all sat outside by the fire pit and enjoyed the summer air.


Outside 3


Sparklers outside for the 4th!


Outside 4


Went to another BBQ and sat outside, under the stars and the moon. It has been so nice here in San Diego, that we all have been taking advantage of eating outside for dinner. Usually it gets cool here at night, but it’s been absolutely perfect!


Outside 5


I went for a lovely bike ride! Anywhere near the ocean is my happy place. :)


outside 6


I went for a run too!

outside 7


Love all the photos being submitted on social media! So glad you all are loving this challenge! Keep it up! Reminder to use #projectneonjuly for a chance to win a $50 lululemon gift card at the end of the month.



Weekday Wardrobe

First, I have to apologize for the lacking of posting this past week. Honestly, it was my last BIG week of Ironman training, and I just didn’t have time. Between work, training, and life, blogging kind of fell by the wayside. But, now that my BIG week is behind me, I can resume to almost regular blogging. 3 weeks til Ironman Whistler, which if you are interested in following my triathlon/running journey, you can join me over at After that race, then I will resume totally regular blogging. So, bare with me these next few weeks! And back to making fun YouTube videos too!

So, I currently work full time as a social media project manager. This is this past week’s weekday wardrobe. :)


Top – Boutique in the British Virgin Islands // Joe’s Jeans // Toms // Accessories – Brighton


Top – Banana Republic // Joe’s jeans // Michael Kors // Brighton // Zad


Dress – H&M // Shoes – Target // Jewelry – Claire’s


Top – 41 Hawthorn // Pants – Free People // Toms // Earrings – Nordstrom’s


Cami – Sun Diego // Shorts & Shoes – Target // Bracelet – Zad

July Fitness Challenge is LIVE!

Untitled design

It’s SUMMER and that means we should try to make the most of the beautiful days, and why this month’s “fitness” challenge is to spend 30min outside every day. I don’t care if you just go for a walk, read a book, or even eat breakfast or dinner outside. But, let’s all take in as much Vitamin D as we can this month! :)

Check-in on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by using #projectneonjuly for a chance to win a $50 lululemon gift card!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s fun posts being outside every day!